22.02. - 25.02.2019.

Feel the unknown and see the unusual! 
One of the most fascinating experiences for every adventurer, extreme traveler and passionate photographer!

This time we will travel to the Chernobyl Zone at the end of winter to get to know the Zone from the other side and enjoy another kind of landscapes and feel different emotions just like in summer!

Secrets and history of the ghost city Pripyat, mysterious secret military radar Duga, a visit close to the “well-known” Chernobyl nuclear power plant. You will also meet local inhabitants who survived the explosion of reactor number 4 and the following evacuation. You will witness how nature overcame the human opus. You will get to know new facts about the whole project of V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, as well as about the accident that followed. At Duga radar you will experience how big and useless military spending can be, this is the last Soviet over-horizon radar with military town still standing on planet Earth. Thanks to experts and the guide equipped with the contemporary photos of Pripyat and Chernobyl, you will be travelling in time – back to 1986. You will feel yourself drawn into the communist propaganda and its artifacts – buildings, signs, slogans and military technique. Surprising facts and stories will take you to the time when the world was just a step away from the nuclear disaster.


Departure from Riga (early in the morning, the time will be specified).
Passing through Latvia, Belarus.
Overnight in the bus.
And the adventure can begin!
10:00 meeting with the guide in Dityatki check-point.
On the first day of the 2-day Chernobyl tour You'll experience the ghost city of Pripyat and the Chernobyl zone in an unprecedented detail, both before and after the accident. With a Geiger counter in Your hands, You will learn the secrets of the zone and experience the evacuation and the aftermath of it!
Pripyat: boulevard of Lenin - "Rainbow" shopping center - hotel "Polissya" - "Energetic" palace of culture - restaurant - supermarket - post office - "Golden Key" kindergarten.
Chernobyl power plant: panorama view of Chernobyl power plant - lunch break at the power plant cantine.
Pripyat: hospital - Grammar school #1 - Riverport and cafe Pripyat - cinema "Prometheus" - Arts school - BWC and barbershop - City Council - Grammar school #3 - exploring Pripyat streets.
Chernobyl town: monument to "Those who saved the world" - Chernobyl riverport - old Chernobyl street - Woodworm Star memorial - "Alley of memory and hope".
Grocery store.
Following the steps of liquidators!
The second day brings You to the most iconic places of the zone by following the footsteps of the liquidators. The machinery, buried villages, the Red Forest, first-hand stories of the Chernobyl zone inhabitants and workers...
This unforgettable journey will also bring You to the most mysterious places of the Zone, such as Jupiter factory, Bridge of Death, or Duga radar system. 
Chernobyl open air museum of machinery.
Kopachi village: burried village of Kopachi - Kopachi kindergarten.
Pripyat: Pripyat sign - "Red Forest" - "Bridge of Death" - fairground - "Avantgard" stadium - swimming pool "Lazurniy" - police station - fire station - "Jupiter" factory - exploring Pripyat streets.
Chernobyl power plant: new safe confinement site - main entrance to the power plant - Prometheus monument - Chernobyl power plant memorial - feeding giant catfish in the cooling channel.
Duga radar system: "Duga" radar system - command centre - training centre.
Lunch break at hotel in Chernobyl town.
Chernobyl town: meeting self-settlers - Chernobyl church - Chernobyl sign.
Dosimetric control.
Departure from the Chernobyl Zone 18:00.
Overnight in the bus.
Passing through Belarus.
Returning to Riga 14:00 - 15:00.
*The program is subject to change due to actual constraints in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

*The tour can also be arranged on other dates, if there are 10 - 15 people in the group.

Standard price – 391 EUR

Booking is possible until 08.02.2019.

1) After booking and concluding of a contract - 50% of the tour amount;
2) The final payment must be made by 08.02.2019.

Send an application 
with the following information:
1. Name, Surname
2. Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
3. Passport number (not ID please)
4. Nationality
5. Email address
6. Mobile phone number
7. Clothing size*
* For those, who like surprises!

Price includes:
- Bus Riga - Chernobyl zone - Riga;
- Entry to all 3 safety zones of the Chernobyl exclusion zone;
- Chernobyl 2 day tour (23.02.-24.02.);
- Genuine accommodation in Chernobyl;
- Lunch and dinner 23.02.;
- Breakfast and lunch 24.02.;
- Helpful guide;
- Obligatory insurance;
- Geiger-Müller counter (that you can borrow at any time from your guide).

Not included in the price:
- Transit visa of Belarus, 2 entries + obligatory insurance (~ 27 EUR for citizens of Estonia and Lithuania, can be arranged in our travel agency);
- Catering on the way to the Chernobyl Zone and from the Chernobyl Zone.


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